Professionally, I’m an independent communications consultant at the intersection of technology and politics.

I grew up in Los Angeles and enjoyed the sunshine, movie stars and sports championships.  When I graduated from UCLA I wanted to do something important and started working at the Center for Governmental Studies, a non profit that promotes civic engagement through media.  There we built an online voter information system – not a site  – a SaaS platform (before that term existed).  It was the first political New Media project (before that term existed) to engage Presidential candidates.

After CGS I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and really learned how to work on internet technology products in the heart of it all.  Since then I’ve been honing my organizational, management, and collaboration skills doing product management of a web-based communication platform.

In trying to build the best possible platform for grassroots engagement I worked directly with clients, sales/services people, developers/QA/Operations, and activists.  I understand communications strategy including social media strategy and I enjoy crafting and executing on a plan that generates results.

I’ve employed my technology, marketing and political skills on behalf of a number of candidates.  At the moment I’m working on David Chiu’s Mayoral Campaign in San Francisco.  Check out if you are a local voter.  He is an amazing listener, thinker and leader.

In my spare time, I play. Bike, Run, Swim, Hike, Camp, Write, Cook, Read and Dream. Alicia with Elk

I’m an Aunt – I never show up with a gift but I always say “yes” to playing. Affinity for boat rides, books, feather boas and bugs make me particularly well liked at the moment.

I’m Outdoorsey – enjoy camping, hiking, sailing, and the way they can make a granola bar taste amazing. I’m not a peak bagger but have enjoyed the view and the journey to the top of a few, including Half Dome, Clouds Rest and Mt Whitney.

I like to race – avid runner and triathlete. I love to train – the work, the training buddies, the results. I love the feel of race day – the energy, the company of amazing athletes, the finish. I never win but I’m always glad I raced.