ARisk Skills Word CloudSpecialties and skills developed and demonstrated in previous experience.

Leader – Member of Senior Management team. Initiated exit strategy effort that led to acquisition by the world’s largest independent PR firm. Maxtrixed manager of engineering and operations teams responsible for new product development and ongoing support of existing platform. Led successful adoption of the SCRUM development process by entrenched development team. Led successful ownership transition of SaaS product with a small, isolated team. Managed 2009 recession in San Francisco office including layoffs and the associated HR/legal needs, west coast client retention, and ultimately physically closed the SF office.

Strong Facilitator – point person between the front and back end teams on core Multiplier product. Communicated business and technical needs/concerns on projects. Good at driving to teams to decision. Skilled at keeping our eye on the prize.

Flexible – comfortable in large well supported, process driven environment ( circa 2000) as well as seat of the pants, bootstrapped operations (Grassroots Enterprise circa 2003). Worked closely with clients, sales, client services, vendors, engineers, operations, business development and marketing. Enjoys respect from members of all these teams.

Customer Focused – Extremely responsive to clients – internal and external. Able to add required functionality incrementally and quickly to existing product meeting client and sales needs. Known internally as the Oracle for my unparalleled knowledge of the system and willingness to share. Sucker for having my geeky heart stroked.

Prioritizer – Balanced use of technical resources with regard to competing bottom lines of product development and current client satisfaction. Managed day-to-day project prioritization for engineering and operations team regarding new product development and support of legacy system. Sought technical and non-technical solutions that leveraged the expertise of the technical and strategy teams to solve client issues/needs.

Risk Analysis – C3PO of the team. Consistently reviewed projects and proposals in an effort to identify opportunity costs, potential to introduce deficiencies, efficacy as well as benefit to client and the company. Annoyed many a Han Solo by stating the odds.

Project Manager – delivered dozens of releases. Led projects with large and small teams. Experience with a number of development processes and tools including formal use cases, detailed PRDs, SCRUM, waterfall, and, of course, “fire drill”. Successes include integrating payment processing for a fundraising component into existing advocacy tool; addition of fully featured blog tool into existing product and data structures; and re-platforming of early SaaS voter information project.

Maximizer – worked with engineering to maximize the value of the core system. Initially managed large feature additions to meet identified market needs. Eventually made small, incremental and rapid changes to meet demands of rapidly changing market. Extracted the maximum value from a high availability multi-tenant SaaS system that was well past its prime – technically running on an unsupported platform. Responded to needs of the web 2.0 market place by looking for development as well as integration opportunities.

Program Management – Responsible for operations of Democracy Network (later DNet), the first SaaS platform for online candidate debate. Defined and documented features for developers; managed relationship with external production house, developed and ran QA program for product acceptance; developed training materials and product documentation for five different user levels; worked with national and local political organizations to ensure product met market needs. DNet was THE voter information site on the Internet for the 2000 election providing issue statements from candidates at all levels from school board on up, including the participation of all candidates for US President.

Transition Management – facilitated acquisition of DNet project by hot dotcom to the substantial financial benefit of the non-profit.


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